Vocal Music

Be part of the hottest vocal ensemble around! Vocal Music is an opportunity to hone your pitch, harmonization and vocalization as well as performance techniques. Led by professional artists, you will explore your vocal instrument, and enhance your onstage skills both as an individual and as a member of an ensemble. Under the guidance of your Artist in Residence, you will be challenged to learn a variety of songs for the JCC Maccabi® Final ArtsFest Showcase for your peers from all of JCC Maccabi.

Audition Requirements – Vocal Music 2020

What are we looking for?

  • A passion and enjoyment for approaching and performing music.
  • A curiosity about various styles and a desire to experience new music.
  • Risk-takers who are ready to work on vocal projection and performance skills.
  • People who enjoy being part of a team.
  • Experience in the following: Solo performance; Ensemble or choir performance; Onstage experience in singing, dancing, and/or acting
  • Have the ability to hold pitch while singing harmony with others, and to read music

In addition to answering the questions below, you must submit a video sample of your work. Please record a video of yourself singing a song of your choice a cappella or with accompaniment, either from a pianist or an instrumental recording.

Once you have recorded the video, please upload it to a site such as YouTube or Vimeo and copy and paste the link into your audition form.

Please answer the following questions in the text boxes provided on the application.

  1. Tell us briefly about experiences in music at school, home, and in workshops/classes.
  2. How do you wish to further choral and performance skills in music while at Artsfest?
  3. Why do you want to participate in JCC Maccabi ArtsFest?
  4. Tell us about the piece you chose and why you chose it.
  5. Anything else you would like us to know about you and your music skills?
  6. Please provide the link to your video application.