Rock Band

Discover what really makes a band rock! Under the guidance of professional musicians, you will experience the art of songwriting, performance techniques, and the changing world of music. Working with your Artist in Residence, you and your peers will form a band and learn what it takes to make it successful. Finish off your week by rocking out and performing live at the JCC Maccabi ArtsFest® Final Showcase for your peers from JCC Maccabi® – the grand finale of ArtsFest.

Audition Requirements – Rock Band 2020


What are we looking for?

  • An intermediate level of instrumental proficiency on any of the following instruments (as an example):
    • Guitar (electric or steel string), bass, keyboard/piano, drums/percussion
  • Ability to read simple music notation, chords, chord charts, and rhythms
  • Instrumentalists who double as vocalists are especially welcome
  • Familiarity with simple popular music styles
  • An appreciation for various musical styles and genres and a willingness to try new musical experiences
  • Experience playing in a small group setting

Once you have recorded the video, please upload it to a site such as YouTube or Vimeo and copy and paste the link into your audition form.

Please answer the following questions in the text boxes provided on the application.

  1. Tell us briefly about your experiences in music at school, home, and in workshops/classes.
  2. How do you wish to further your work/skills in music while at ArtsFest?
  3. Why do you want to participate in JCC Maccabi ArtsFest?
  4. Tell us about the piece you chose and why you chose it.
  5. Please list your top three musical influences.
  6. Please list the instruments you play and the years of study/level of proficiency attained with each instrument.
  7. Which instrument(s) are you hoping to play at JCC Maccabi ArtsFest®?
  8. Please provide the link to your video audition.