Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts specialists at JCC Maccabi ArtsFest will get into the kitchen with professional chefs and be engaged in every aspect of running a kitchen and preparing great food. From choosing the right ingredients and learning new cooking techniques, to understanding the history and culture behind food, you will learn how to plan a menu and understand the process of transforming raw ingredients into delicious dishes. Your culinary creations will be showcased, served and devoured at the Final ArtsFest Showcase for your peers from JCC Maccabi Games and ArtsFest—the grand finale of JCC Maccabi.

What are we looking for?

  • A passion for cooking, including time and energy spent preparing and creating new dishes
  • An interest in the global food market, grocery stores and shopping
  • An appreciation for culinary arts, and what it takes to run a kitchen
  • A passion for trying different foods, for experimenting with different and challenging ingredients and for creating different dishes
  • Enthusiasm, curiosity about food and a desire to collaborate
  • Some prior experience in the kitchen with knives and other cooking techniques such as slicing, dicing, baking, etc. would be helpful.

Your 2015 Special Guest Chef

Chef Leslie Harrow

Enthusiastically joining us for his first JCC Maccabi ArtsFest, Leslie Harrow was born in Philadelphia and raised in North Miami Beach. He got his start in Italian trattorias, and progressed from chef to executive chef over the past 10 years with Executive Caterers and has become a leader in kosher catering. Leslie opened a restaurant and sold it after winning Best of Miami 2008, because he liked the ever-present challenges of kosher catering.

Leslie takes an approach to culinary as an innovator. He is a pioneer of molecular gastronomy in kosher dining, and constantly pushes culinary boundaries. Thanks in part to the Food Network people have become foodies and demand better food options, from ceviches from Peru to pho from Vietnam. Leslie looks to set the trend and show that not much is impossible, even when it’s kosher. While bridging the gap from the “old school to the new school” he takes a fresh, healthy approach by incorporating use of exotic fruits and regional spices from around the globe.

Leslie is looking forward to bringing own unique process of REINVENTIVE—thinking out of the box to change what’s deemed the norm; FRESH—from floral to fragrant, from spicy to subdued, adapting a fresh healthy clean approach to the art of culinary, and CULTURED—bringing a diverse range of culinary trends from around the world to the JCC Maccabi ArtsFest teens.